Hormone Replacement Therapy

About Hormone Replacement Therapy At LKN Weight Loss & Wellness

LKN Weight Loss and Wellness utilizes BioTE Medical’s pellets for our chemical substitution treatment administrations.

BioTE is a chemical substitution treatment that utilizes pellets, little round and hollow formed enhancements that are embedded under your skin. The pellets discharge exact portions of chemicals over the long haul, so your body gets a constant flow of chemicals for ideal capacity. The time-discharge part of BioTE pellets implies chemicals are conveyed and disseminated in a way like the manner in which your body appropriates the chemicals it creates normally, which implies there’s a far lower danger of results.

BioTE utilizes bioidentical chemicals, manufactured chemicals that have similar substance structures as normally created chemicals. Bioidentical chemicals are prepared by your body and disposed of similarly as regular chemicals for better impacts and less dangers. The minuscule embed is embedded under your skin and supplanted each three to a half year, contingent upon your particular requirements. Embed arrangement is performed directly in the workplace in only a couple minutes utilizing a neighborhood sedative. Both estrogen and testosterone inserts are accessible.

5 Reasons to choose LKN Weight Loss & Wellness for Hormone Replacement Therapy

1. You’re having changes related to hormonal irregularities

Imbalances of estrogen and testosterone do incorporate loss of drive, grouchiness, crabbiness, discouragement, issues with memory and focus, diminishing hair, loss of bulk, weight acquire (particularly in the stomach territory), and weakness. Estrogen decrease is likewise connected with night sweats, hot flashes, beard growth development, excruciating intercourse, vaginal dryness and an expanded danger of urinary incontinence. Low degrees of testosterone can likewise cause erectile disfunction, including issues getting and keeping an erection.

2. You need natural therapy

As noted, BioTE utilizes bioidentical chemicals, which are more similar to normal chemicals. Also, dissimilar to other chemical substitution items, for example, rings, gels, patches, creams, gels and pills, BioTE pellets don’t utilize any engineered or fake fillers, and they break up totally over the long haul.

3. You don’t want to deal with messy gels or creams or remember to take pills

Since the BioTE HRT framework utilizes pellets that are embedded under your skin, chemical delivery and conveyance happens consequently, with no intercession on your part. You should simply make sure to have the pellets supplanted at regular intervals, as per a timetable your PCP will set up for you, in light of your particular necessities, side effects and clinical history.

4. You want to minimize your risk of side effect

HRT can be a help to anyone experiencing a wide range of indications related with a decline in hormones, however there are a few dangers, contingent upon the sort of treatment you select. BioTE limits results in two significant manners: First, since it utilizes bioidentical chemicals, and second, since it discharges chemicals gradually, after some time — simply the manner in which your body discharges regular chemicals. That implies you don’t need to stress over the “pinnacles and valleys” related with pills and some different treatments. In contrast to creams or gels, the chemicals are conveyed right to your circulatory system, so they can adequately address an entire exhibit of manifestations.

5. You’ve attempted — and dismissed — other chemical substitution items

Perhaps you’ve attempted HRT before, and it simply hasn’t worked. Or then again perhaps you ended up encountering results because of your treatment. Due to the manner in which BioTE works, numerous individuals who’ve had undesirable encounters with HRT in the past discover they get the outcomes they need with BioTE pellets.

In case you’re managing manifestations related with hormonal decrease, BioTE chemical treatment could be an incredible alternative for encouraging you feel good. To get familiar with BioTE treatment at LKN Weight Loss and Wellness, book an arrangement online today!

Benefits Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Actual Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

The actual advantages a patient can get from the BioTE technique for chemical substitution treatment relies upon their individual necessities. A portion of the actual advantages men ordinarily report encountering because of testosterone medicines incorporate expanded fit bulk and tone, bone strength, thicker hair, improved concentration and memory, expanded energy and endurance, and improved mind-set.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Benefits for Women

A chemical lopsidedness in ladies can cause substantial, sporadic, or awkward periods, hot glimmers, night sweats, acid reflux, blockage, and the runs. Studies have demonstrated that BHRT treats the base of these indications to advance alleviation just as improved cerebrum work, better state of mind, thicker hair, more peaceful rest, overhauled muscle work, and higher bone thickness.

Actual Benefits of the BioTE Method of Hormone Therapy

BioTE suppliers have helped a large number of individuals across the U.S. acquire the actual advantages of bioidentical chemical substitution treatment. Our exploration has demonstrated that the actual advantages of BHRT are various, including added fit bulk, thicker hair, more grounded bones, better mind capacity and center, and improved rest designs. Contact LKN Weight Loss and Wellness, a  ensured BioTE supplier, to find out additional.

The Hormone Replacement Therapy Process

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) First Steps

The initial step to BHRT is talking with LKN Weight Loss and Wellness. Our guaranteed suppliers decide whether patients are qualified for BHRT after an in-office arrangement and broad lab work. In the event that the patient is a possibility for BHRT utilizing pellets, they are prepared for a pellet inclusion.

The BioTE Pellet Insertion Method

During an in-office visit, a patient is brought into the test room, and the addition site, typically somewhere near the upper bottom, is desensitized. A little cut is made, and the chemical pellet embedded. After, the inclusion site is covered with a little wrap. The pellet disintegrates, and the body assimilates the substance, giving up nothing. Each patient’s side effects are special, so each excursion is modified to meet your requirements. A few patients report seeing improvement in as meager as about a month, yet full advancement can require as long as a half year.

Post-Insertion Care

After the pellet-inclusion measure is finished, it’s ideal to dispense with lower body practice for a brief timeframe. Strolling is fine, however more arduous exercise isn’t suggested. Showers are allowed, however baths, hot tubs, and swimming ought to be evaded. After the wrap is eliminated, you can continue ordinary exercise and swimming schedules. We have the right to feel better regardless of what our age. On the off chance that you are  burnt out on managing the manifestations of chemical awkwardness and need to make a move, should contact LKN Weight Loss and Wellness today.

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03:45 12 Oct 20
The ladies at LKN Weight Loss are amazing! From my first visit Shannon was open and informative and always willing to... be personable and never judgmental. Whatever questions and concerns I have they are there and willing to make answer or seek the answers which is amazing. My weight management can be difficult with other health restrictions but Shannon has been very encouraging and provides plans that’s tailored to each individuals needs. I’m so happy with the progress that’s being made currently down over 15 pounds and have loss inches in all areas in less the 3 months.read more
chiquita walker
chiquita walker
14:29 11 Oct 20
Shannon and her team have been amazing to work with. I never feel like they are trying to “sell” me because their... programs speak for themselves. While losing my baby weight (40 lbs.) is a huge accomplishment, my biggest achievement was changing my eating lifestyle. I feel like I eat to live instead of the other way around and for that, I can’t thank the LKN team enough!read more
Jesikah McNeil
Jesikah McNeil
12:25 11 Oct 20
Dr. Shannon is so personable and knowledgeable. Everyone in the office is to be exact. The level of service and care I... receive there is impeccable. I’ve never had a bad experience. Oh, and did I mention I’ve lost so much weight under her care. Results Results Results!!!read more
Velita Degraft
Velita Degraft
06:18 11 Oct 20
LKN Weight Loss & Wellness offers the total package: great results and great service with a smile and at an affordable... price! What I really enjoy is the way they make me feel from the time I walk in until the time I leave.A weight loss journey can be a struggle both physically and mentally, but the LKN Weight Loss & Wellness staff are my personal cheering section who reassures me that they are with me all the way! I look forward to every appointment!read more
Kaleigh Stovall
Kaleigh Stovall
16:46 10 Aug 20
I’ve been a patient at Shannon’s practice for a little over a month now and not only am I super happy with my... weight loss results, I’m also very thankful for the care she and Briana take of their patients! They’re both friendly, personable, knowledgeable, and they make you feel completely comfortable from the very first meeting. You can tell they love what they do and they enjoy cheering on their patients as they gain back their health and confidence. I would recommend this practice and this program to anyone looking for a holistic view at weight loss and accountability from a medical professional who truly wants to see you succeed.read more
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