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Weight Loss Clinic FAQ's

Adults (age 18 and older) at a variety of health and fitness levels who would like to focus on making healthy lifestyle changes, manage their weight, re-connect with internal hunger and fullness cues, prevent or manage disease, improve their mobility, or to build a healthier relationship with food and their body. We have specialized programming available and have weight management programs that offers a variety of different services. We also assist individuals who are preparing for or have undergone bariatric surgery.

The program is structured in three main phases: Quick Start, Transition, and Maintenance. Each phase has four components – food, activity, behavior, and medication – that are personalized based on your unique goals and needs. The food and behavioral components are core to the program; activity and medication prescriptions are suggested when the doctor feels they are safe and appropriate. It’s important to understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ with the medical weight loss program. Because you are unique, we will create a personalized plan just for you based on your specific attributes and weight loss challenges.

The safety of our patients is our highest priority.

Throughout each program our patients are treated and followed closely by physicians trained in internal medicine. Our patients see our physicians and physician assistants on an ongoing basis throughout their time in treatment. The frequency of these visits will depend on the medical condition of the patient, which medications the patient is taking and the type of treatment protocol we are utilizing. During medical visits, patients are assessed for side effects that may occur during treatment, and active medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension are monitored closely. Laboratory studies are done at the outset of treatment and on an ongoing basis throughout the treatment process. The frequency of these tests is also determined by the patient’s medical conditions, medications and treatment protocol.

Coordination of care with the patient’s primary care physician and other specialists takes place as needed throughout the treatment process. This medical monitoring ensures a close watch on all patients and their medical conditions. Always consult a nutritional doctor’s office for assistance with your specific nutritional needs.

There is no medication requirement. However, if you consent, we can prescribe a safe appetite suppressant to keep hunger at bay as you lose weight. We can also adjust any current medications you might be taking for another condition, but that may also be interfering with your weight loss efforts.

Obesity is a chronic disease, which means it cannot be cured. Losing weight and maintaining weight loss are both difficult to do and require different strategies and skills. Our weight loss programs are designed to help patients lose weight and to give them the skills to help keep it off. Studies have shown that various factors can contribute to improving the maintenance of weight loss. Patients who attend their group sessions regularly, develop a regular exercise program and adhere to it after losing the weight do much better when it comes to controlling their weight. Making use of the skills learned while using our programs can help patients control their weight and keep a significant amount of weight off for a long period of time.