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At Lake Norman Weight Loss & Wellness, our board certified weight loss doctor creates weight loss programs that are personalized for each patient. We offer many effective weight loss solutions in a judgement-free setting!

About Lake Norman Weight Loss & Wellness

At Lake Norman Weight Loss & Wellness, our weight loss doctor guides patients step by step through the weight loss journey! Our board certified providers will help each patient with losing weight, wellness and the long-term goals. Our programs are individually created for patients in any phase of life and heath status. From customized diet plans to pharmaceutical grade weight-loss supplements, Lake Norman Weight Loss & Wellness has the solutions for you to succeed! 

Board Certified Weight Loss Doctor

At Lake Norman Weight Loss & Wellness, every customized program is overseen and managed by our board certified weight loss doctor. Your goals are being monitored and supported by a team of passionate experts who want to help you achieve your weight loss goals!

Customized Diet Plans

Our easy to-follow meal plans are customized to meet each patient’s individual lifestyle. We help educate our patients on appropriate food choices to initiate and maintain losing weight using everyday foods! No need for overpriced foods and gimmick products here!

Prescription Weight-Loss Supplements

Our professionals are trained and have extensive experience with a variety of different wellness products including:

  • Prescription Appetite Suppressants
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

5 Reasons Why You Might Need A Weight Loss Doctor

1. Your BMI Is In The Obese Range

One of the measures of health that doctors use to determine whether or not a body is at its optimal weight is the body mass index or BMI. BMI is calculated by measuring one’s weight and dividing it by one’s height squared. You can use a BMI Calculator to find out your own BMI. Here are the BMI ranges and how they correlate with weight status:

  • Lower than 18.5 – Underweight
  • Between 18.5 and 24.9 – Normal Weight
  • Between 25.0 and 29.9 – Overweight
  • More than 30.0 – Obese

Individuals whose BMI lies within the obese range are at a much higher risk of developing various chronic diseases and acute health problems. For those individuals, it is important for them to see a weight loss doctor, so that they can get started on the proper way to lose weight and get their health back.

2. You Have A Problem With Appetite Control

When you are beginning a weight loss program, many times you have to drastically change your diet. For some people, this change can greatly affect them beyond just losing weight. For people who have other health conditions that affect their metabolism or their nutritional needs, it is imperative that they work with their doctor so that a proper plan can be designed specifically for their needs. For example, someone with type 2 diabetes may be more prone to being overweight due to the specific body chemistry issues that go along with a diagnosis of diabetes. A diabetic must work with his or her doctor to design a specific nutritional plan that works side by side with his or her health and blood sugar issues. Additionally, a person with heart disease may have different nutritional requirements that only a doctor or a registered dietician can specify, so that this person loses weight the right way and the healthiest way.

3. You Want Better Weight Loss Results

Another reason to visit your doctor when it comes to weight loss, is when you’ve been legitimately trying to lose weight for a period of time, and you haven’t seen any results. If you’ve significantly lowered your caloric intake and increased your exercise and you’re still not losing weight, it’s time to seek the advice of your physician. There may be a medical reason for your lack of success, and only a doctor can find out why. Maybe there is a hormonal imbalance that is sabotaging your attempts at a healthy diet. For some people who are experiencing symptoms of depression, it could get in the way of weight loss attempts. There are also certain conditions of the thyroid that may affect the body’s ability to metabolize food and energy. When you talk to your doctor, he or she may be able to run a battery of tests to determine the problem and give possible solutions that can help you begin to be successful.

4. You Take Prescription Medication

Additionally, those people who are regularly taking certain types of prescription medication must first ask their doctor before beginning any weight loss or exercise program. Depending on the medication, it may affect your weight loss efforts. Paxil, an anti-anxiety drug, is also associated with weight gain; however, there are several alternative medications to Paxil that can treat anxiety.  Another type of drug that may result in weight gain is Prednisone, which is used to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis. Insulin, used to treat diabetes, has also been linked to more than average weight gain. Your medical team can work with you to adjust or make changes to medication to support your attempts at getting fit and healthy. 

5. You Are Considering Weight Loss Surgery or Medication

Finally, the last reason you may need to see a doctor for help with weight loss is when you’re considering weight loss surgery or weight loss medication. Those individuals who are thinking about weight loss surgery can visit a specialist trained in the field of bariatric surgery. Your surgeon can give you a consultation and determine if you are a candidate for that type of surgery. Generally, weight loss surgery candidates often are in the obese BMI range and may have additional health concerns related to being overweight. Another reason to make an appointment with a specialist in weight loss is if you’re considering prescription medicine to assist with your journey to health. There are many types of medications available, including appetite suppressants, to help you achieve a healthy weight. The only qualified person that can lead you to the right medication is a doctor with specialized training in metabolism and body chemistry.

Many of us may have friends and family who have successfully lost weight and kept it off with various programs or diet plans out there. The most effective plan of action, though, is to consult with your personal highly trained health expert, your primary care physician. Learn more about our Lake Norman weight loss doctors and our weight loss programs.

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Real Weight Loss Results From Real Patients!

Our patients LOVE to share all of their success with us and our Facebook Support Group! We have built an entire community of hard-working, motivated, and excited patients who are encouraging others to work hard everyday! Losing weight is not easy. It can be mentally, emotionally  and physically exhausting at times. With our entire patient community encouraging you with daily news, recipes, workout routines and success stories, anything is possible!  

Meet Our Weight Loss Experts


Shannon Schlicher,

Shannon is board certified by the AANP in family medicine with an emphasis on Obesity Management. She graduated from UNC Wilmington with her Graduate Degree after graduating from Queens University with her Bachelor Degree. She has a passion for helping her hundreds of satisfied patients with their wellness goals and hopes to help many more! 

Certified medical Assistant

Briana Walker

Briana is North Carolina raised from a military family. She has a deep passion for assisting patients with their health and wellness goals. Outside of the office she enjoys spending time with her family, friends and exploring the world!

Reviews From Our Weight Loss Patients

03:45 12 Oct 20
The ladies at LKN Weight Loss are amazing! From my first visit Shannon was open and informative and always willing to... be personable and never judgmental. Whatever questions and concerns I have they are there and willing to make answer or seek the answers which is amazing. My weight management can be difficult with other health restrictions but Shannon has been very encouraging and provides plans that’s tailored to each individuals needs. I’m so happy with the progress that’s being made currently down over 15 pounds and have loss inches in all areas in less the 3 more
chiquita walker
chiquita walker
14:29 11 Oct 20
Shannon and her team have been amazing to work with. I never feel like they are trying to “sell” me because their... programs speak for themselves. While losing my baby weight (40 lbs.) is a huge accomplishment, my biggest achievement was changing my eating lifestyle. I feel like I eat to live instead of the other way around and for that, I can’t thank the LKN team enough!read more
Jesikah McNeil
Jesikah McNeil
12:25 11 Oct 20
Dr. Shannon is so personable and knowledgeable. Everyone in the office is to be exact. The level of service and care I... receive there is impeccable. I’ve never had a bad experience. Oh, and did I mention I’ve lost so much weight under her care. Results Results Results!!!read more
Velita Degraft
Velita Degraft
06:18 11 Oct 20
LKN Weight Loss & Wellness offers the total package: great results and great service with a smile and at an affordable... price! What I really enjoy is the way they make me feel from the time I walk in until the time I leave. A weight loss journey can be a struggle both physically and mentally, but the LKN Weight Loss & Wellness staff are my personal cheering section who reassures me that they are with me all the way! I look forward to every appointment!read more
Kaleigh Stovall
Kaleigh Stovall
16:46 10 Aug 20
I’ve been a patient at Shannon’s practice for a little over a month now and not only am I super happy with my... weight loss results, I’m also very thankful for the care she and Briana take of their patients! They’re both friendly, personable, knowledgeable, and they make you feel completely comfortable from the very first meeting. You can tell they love what they do and they enjoy cheering on their patients as they gain back their health and confidence. I would recommend this practice and this program to anyone looking for a holistic view at weight loss and accountability from a medical professional who truly wants to see you more
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