Weight loss services


Prescription Appetite Suppressants

1 month prescription for an FDA-Approved appetite suppressant.

Multiple studies reveal a 15 pound weight loss over a 3 month period in individuals using appetite suppressants alone. 

Pharmaceutical Grade Weight Loss Supplements

Combination of pharmaceutical-grade, all natural weight loss supplements. Utilized in those with contraindications to prescriptive medications, do not qualify for prescriptive medications based on BMI, or would like in addition to prescriptive medication.

Vitamin B12 Lipotropic Injections

 Our compounded all-natural Lipotropic-Vitamin B12 injections enhance weight loss!
Best given at weekly-biweekly intervals, our Lipo-B12 injections provide an all- natural energy boost while decreasing resistant fat deposits in a time-released formula.
Vitamin B12 is linked to increased energy, accelerated metabolism of carbohydrates, enhanced thought processes, improved mood, healthy skin hair and nails, and better control of estrogen levels. The natural lipotropics decrease cholesterol levels, decrease the risk for gallstones, and enhance the natural removal of fat in a time-released formula.

Discount available when purchasing package of 4.  

Customized Diet Plans

Easy-to-follow, nutrient-dense meal plans customized to meet your lifestyle. We teach you how to make appropriate food choices to initiate and maintain weight loss using every day foods found in your local grocery store. No over-priced private-labeled gimmicks here.

Goal Setting, Progress Tracking, Success

Biweekly meetings to review goals, track progress, and motivate towards success

Once Monthly Pricing. HSA/FSA Cards now accepted!


Consider it a membership, without the commitment!

No membership fees, no auto-renewal, no electronic draft. Pay as you go. Customized for you.

Our program is designed with once-monthly pricing  

Each month includes an initial (or followup) consultation with Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner. Featuring 2 lipo-b12 injections given biweekly, 1 month prescription for FDA-approved weight loss medication, extensive customized nutrition counseling, exercise recommendations, and a comprehensive health history. 

Note: Certain medical conditions prevent the use of appetite suppressants. Your healthcare provider will collect a complete medical history at each visit including review of  current medications and focused exam to ensure your personalized weight loss plan is both SAFE and effective.