Emsella Treatments and What You Can Expect

What To Expect From Emsella Treatments

It can be embarrassing and distressing to lose control of your bladder, or develop leakage problems. Emsella is a treatment that strengthens your pelvic muscles to improve bladder control and is now offered at LKN Weight Loss and Wellness! We can provide the treatment and bring you the relief you require if you are located in the North Carolina area. We hope this blog is helpful in educating you about the ways Emsella can help your situation and what you can expect during your visits with us!

Is Emsella really effective? Here's What You Can Expect

There are many reasons you may be having trouble controlling your bladder. Stress urinary incontinence can cause leaks and accidents if you strain your bladder or cough too hard. This type of incontinence is common after your pelvic floor muscles are weakened by pregnancy. This area of your body’s muscles may also change with age or menopause.

But don’t worry! Emsella can help with this kind of problem. You will be able to sit on a special device that uses electromagnetic energy to strengthen the muscles causing your urinary issues. You will see dramatic improvements in your leaking and accidents after your treatment.

You will need to visit our Lake Norman office for an initial consultation before you can receive your first treatment. Emsella can treat incontinence caused by weak pelvic floor muscles, but unfortunately does not treat all types of incontenence.

Talking about your Urinary Problems

We will discuss your issues with the urinary tract during our meeting. You should bring with you details and concerns about any leaking or accidents that you have had. We will also need to review your medical history and learn more about your personal experience and how your bladder issues have been affecting your daily life. There’s no better time to be open and honest about what you’ve been dealing with, as we’re here to help you achieve comfort and peace of mind.

How to determine your eligibility

The medical information gathered will be used to determine if you are eligible for this incontinence treatment. Emsella treatment may not be available to you if you have certain medical conditions or health issues.

In example, radiation therapy can cause incontinence problems, so you may not be able use the treatment. We’re also unable to perform this treatment on you if you have a pacemaker or another implanted metal device in your body.  Please make sure to disclose any other important medical information that you feel may affect your eligibility upon booking your initial appointment with us.

You will receive non-invasive treatments

To regain control over your bladder, you don’t need to have anesthesia or undergo incisions. The procedure is non-invasive and you can actually remain fully clothed during your appointments.

Our Emsella device will be used to start your initial treatment. The device will transmit electromagnetic energy to your pelvic floor muscles once you’re seated down. You will feel a slight tingling sensation as your muscles contract, keep in mind the sensation will not be painful and you won’t need to use any anesthesia or medication during treatment.

There's no need for downtime

You don’t have to stop working or change your routine for this procedure. After strengthening your pelvic muscles, you can leave our office and continue to go about your day with no necessary downtime!

You may require multiple treatments

Emsella treatments may help improve your bladder control. However, it’s not uncommon that our patients need multiple sessions in order to receive effective treatment. Between each appointment, you will need to wait a few days before returning for another. We will discuss treatment options and frequency with you upon your arrival and help you better understand the Emsella process in its entirety.

Routine maintenance sessions may be beneficial for you, and will be discussed with you after you have finished your initial treatment sessions. As always we can provide more information about the maintenance treatments and further educate you on the best option for you.

Treatment is quick, easy, and you’ll notice a significant change in your bladder control soon after your first session. Your leakage, accidents, or other problems with your bladder should decrease as you continue to receive more treatment and stay consistent.

You'll achieve a better quality of life

Having urinary incontinence can ultimatley make you unhappy and lower your self-confidence, and we want to change that! Fear of having leaks or accidents can prevent you from going to parties and enjoying social events with friends and family. At LKN Weight Loss and Wellness we want to see you living your best life, free from concern of untimely leaks and accidents.

Clinical studies showed that 95% of patients reported a better quality of life after using Emsella for incontinence treatment.

Contact us today for more to learn more about this treatment or to schedule an appointment with us. We look forward to helping you achieve relief!