Weight Loss Doctor Near Me

How To Find A Weight Loss Doctor Near Me

A Weight Loss Doctor and Weight Loss Experts are able to give additional medical insight into more ways to lose weight fast. Contact your local weight loss Doctor at LKN Weight Loss & Wellness and we can create a customized Weight Loss Program for you complete with weight loss pills and supplements to help you reach all of your weight loss goals! Lose Weight Fast


     Before we get into the topic of finding a “weight loss doctor near me”, let us discuss the basics. A weight loss doctor is a physician who has received specialized training in the field of bariatric medicine or medical weight management. Weight loss doctors, or bariatric physicians, may treat overweight and obese patients with diet, nutrition, exercise, behavioral therapy, medications, surgery or any combination of these treatments.

     Someone who has repeatedly and unsuccessfully attempted to lose weight on his or her own may benefit from treatment under the care of a bariatric physician. If this describes you, you may want to reach out and get help from a weight loss doctor. A weight loss doctor can help to guide you through the process of weight loss with medical treatments and other resources that you may not have access to on your own.

     So, what is medical weight loss? Before discussing what it is, it probably makes sense to start with what it is not. Medical weight loss is not just surgery or diet pills. Those are a cop-out and a last-ditch option. It is physician-directed weight management based on medical scientific principles that target the root causes of obesity and weight gain to achieve and sustain a healthy weight in the long-term. Surgery is a last-ditch effort, we do all we can to help you lose weight naturally and healthily. 

     The tools that medical weight loss physicians use to help you manage your weight are very different from what you find with commercial programs. First, medical weight loss doctors use your metabolism and body composition (mainly fat percentage) as true indicators of weight loss progress. Not just rough visuals or something that fluctuates as much as your weight can. Second, they can prescribe safe, low-calorie diets that are specifically designed to help you lose weight while breaking the cycle of food addiction. Should you choose so and need it, your doctor can also prescribe an appetite suppressant for you. Finally, medical weight loss doctors have the ability to view your weight loss and maintenance within the context of your total health profile. If you have a condition that requires medication that may be interfering with your weight loss efforts, your medical weight loss doctor can consult with your primary care physician to prescribe a safe, effective alternative to lift those barriers. Next, we will discuss how to find a “weight loss doctor near me”.

How To Find A Weight Loss Doctor

     You may not see the word “bariatric” listed when you search through medical directories. The word has been removed from certain listings because it confused some patients. In 2015, The American Society of Bariatric Physicians changed its name to the Obesity Medicine Association to help consumers better understand what these doctors do. You can search for an obesity expert by using the online database at Obesity Medicine Association. Through this resource, you may find listings for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other healthcare providers that are specially trained to manage obesity. These professionals are trained to help you manage nutrition, physical activity, behavior, and medication so that you are better able to reach and maintain a healthy weight. Your doctor may not be listed in this directory and may not be a member of the Obesity Medicine Association. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she cannot help you to lose weight fast.

     Most individuals will perform a Google search using terms that can help find good results. Google results are useful because they show the highest rated, local “weight loss doctor near me”. Most often, the search term “weight loss doctor near me” will provide local weight loss doctors. Other most commonly searched terms like “weight loss programs” or “weight loss pills” can help bring up local “weight loss doctors near me” that use keywords that you searched for

How To Work With A “Weight Loss Doctor Near Me”

     It doesn’t matter if you choose a medical or surgical treatment for weight loss. The guidelines for working successfully with your doctor are the same. First, always be completely honest about your lifestyle and your expectations. Your healthcare provider needs accurate information to provide you with the best care.


     Second, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your doctor is your guide, but he or she can’t do the hard work of weight loss for you. So it’s important that you fully understand any instructions or recommendations that they provide. Your life may depend on good communication between you and your bariatric physician. So choose a doctor that you trust and work together towards a healthy weight and a long and active life.

     Medical weight loss is designed to help any individual with his or her specific weight loss goals, whether to lose 100 pounds or just those last stubborn ten pounds that seem to be stuck on you. Everyone is different when it comes to weight loss, but medical weight loss can be used to treat everyone. Everyone CAN lose weight, it’s just a matter of how bad you want it. When you find a “weight loss doctor near me” you can discuss your individual goals and create a personalized plan for success. It’s just harder for some people to lose weight than others, and that’s an unfortunate fact of life. You may have to work harder, but with the right mindset and us in your corner, you can start losing that extra weight today! Medical weight loss is great because yes weight loss has so many nuances, but following a general set of scientifically supported rules will give you the best chance at success. Find a “weight loss doctor near me” to discuss the specifics and make sure to address any questions, comments or concerns.

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Weight Loss Doctor and Weight Loss Experts are able to give additional medical insight into more ways to lose weight fast

Contact your local weight loss Doctor at LKN Weight Loss & Wellness and we can create a customized Weight Loss Program for you complete with weight loss pills and supplements to help you reach all of your weight loss goals! Our Lake Norman Weight Loss Doctor has everything you need to succeed in your weight loss journey! Check out how to “find a weight loss doctor near me” and “what type of doctor should I see for weight loss?” for more relevant information!

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